About Us

Smart Choice Farms was established for no other reason than for the Love for Delicious and Healthy Food.

Jamaica, blessed by sunshine, mild climate, trade winds, ample water and fertile soil provides an excellent location to establish an operation with such mandate. In the 3 years since operations began Smart Choice Farms has established itself to be reliable supplier of quality Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes of all kinds, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Herbs and much more to top restaurants and supermarkets.

The cornerstone product, however, is Scotch Bonnet Pepper with its attractive heat and incredible aroma. Known overseas only by a relative few enlightened followers it represents the single individual vegetable which Jamaica will become famous for around the globe. Scotch Bonnet Pepper, with its delicate shape, taste and aroma is unique to Jamaica; similar hot pepper varieties grown elsewhere may be commercially available worldwide but do not offer the subtle and fragile mix of flavors. Smart Choice Farms strives to very consciously grow its own supply of peppers; it then combines these with perfectly ripened sweet and tasteful fruits like Mango, Pineapple or Papaya and produces what is already recognized as the most extravagant Sauce available. Smart Choice Farms takes No Shortcuts; Quality is Our Mission.

Smart Choice Farms’ Sauces contain NO added water, NO sugar, NO spices, NO fillers; its ingredients are Gluten Free and Non–GMO. The result is a simple, pure and tasteful Hot Pepper Sauce, the Best of Jamaica in One Single Bottle Music for your taste buds